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Poonam Choudhary, an analyst turned artist who paints life with colours of joy, positivity and charm. She believes bright colours resonate with her inner being and conveys generosity of spirit. No wonder her creations look so magical. Though she was aware of her inclination towards art at a very young age but she couldn’t pursue it as a career. As they say, there is never a false start unless you step on the right foot with conviction and passion. After working in the corporate world as a Technical Business Consultant for years, tying knot to her beloved husband and experiencing motherhood, she finally decided it’s time to nurture her childhood dream with full throttle. In the midst of various life endeavours, she never quit painting and pursued it as a parallel interest – not as a profession but certainly as a recreational activity.

She is a pro at painting abstract canvas art, landscape & portrait art, figurative art, minimalistic and geometric designs. Her portfolio is a mix of acrylic paintings, oil pastel landscape paintings and mixed media artworks. She even makes use of stones, glitters, soft pastel colours and spray paints to create applause-worthy artworks. She is a versatile artist with a creative hand at using a palette knife and brush, both. Emotions like love, anger, sadness, joy, trust, fear, surprise and everything that revolves around her in daily life inspires her to create a thought-provoking artwork. The act of expression can be spotted in her paintings that strongly reflect her opinions and perceptions. You’ll find vibrant colours in her creations that state her strong beliefs and thoughts.

Poonam believes that a painting should depict an artist, not a style. Hence she paints on different subjects, uses different tools and techniques and tries to embody uniqueness in each piece. In a nutshell, she puts everything she has in bringing a thought to the canvas. No wonder why her work has been featured in several exhibitions and private galleries in regions like United Kingdom, United States, Denmark, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and Canada.

Art with Glitters

See how Use of Glitters in Abstract Art makes Original painting so beautiful.

Frida Kahlo Portrait

Very Charming Abstract figurative Frida Kahlo Portrait painting using Acrylic paints.

Making of Koi fish acrylic painting

Koi can be represented in interior design with artwork such as paintings, photographs or sculpture.

House in Paris

I love the architecture, old building and house rooftops colors are just so beautiful.

Women face portrait techniques

Painting process of a women face portrait and abstract expressionism artwork.



Lilac Festival Rochester, NY May 2018


Participated in [SOLO] Art Expo New York


6x6 Rochester Contemporary Art Center


Westside Art fair YMCA, Rochester, NY


Community Arts/Crafts/Makers Show exhibition, Rochester, NY


M&T Bank Clothesline Festival


Winter Park Autumn Art Festival, Orlando, FL


M&T Bank Clothesline Festival