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HI! I’m Poonam, A Passionate Artist Painting Her World from Victor, NewYork.

Few people can say that they’re lucky enough to live their passion every single day. As a full-time contemporary abstract artist, I am one of those people – expressing my character through color and creativity from my art studio in Upstate New York. I’ve even had the honor of working for household names like Samsung – perhaps you’ve even seen my art light up your living room while your TV is in Art Mode! It was a privilege to make the Frame TV something people want to watch even when they’re not watching TV. 

My work showcases my mind’s inner workings through a fusion of acrylic paint, oil pastels, extreme texture contrasts, ceramic, concrete, epoxy resin, glass stones…I could go on. I’ve never been one to bind myself to one tool or material. When it comes to conveying my thoughts, emotions, feelings, and mood through art, I explore as many mediums as possible – and it all depends on where I draw inspiration from for the particular piece I’m working on. Today, my private art collections have been featured on an international stage, from the USA to the UK, Canada, Russia, Germany, Italy, Norway, France, Switzerland, China, India, Qatar, Australia, and New Zealand. I’ve always been fascinated by art, in particular, the concepts of feminism, abstract geometry, and modern takes on nature’s landscapes. Art is a universal language everyone can understand, even if they don’t share the same native tongue. Dig deep, and you can see at a glance whether a painting expresses love, anger, conflict, sorrow, joy…it’s all there between the lines and layers of color and texture.

In my Sculpture series I am using only natural materials, like concrete, wood, ceramic and Resin to create each of these one of a kind creations. I love working with concrete ceramics and Resin because of its delicacy and its strength. Layers of glass stone, Epoxy resin and concrete mix which involves the multiple processing like concrete and glass stone framing, Resin pouring, glueing and scratching. Giving the artwork an extraordinary impression and sculptural qualities and give birth to my one-of-a-kind sculptural compositions. My hope is to inspire those who see my Artwork and sculptures to slow down and take the time to look more carefully at the beauty in unusual combinations of the piece.

Abstract art and sculptures are a way to me to showcase my soul on the outside, translating my intangible feelings and emotions into real, physical pieces of art that you can touch and experience with the senses. Speaking of sculptures, my sculpture art series is dedicated to utilizing only natural materials sourced from mother nature herself, the likes of concrete, wood, ceramic, layers of glass stone, and epoxy resin. What I adore about materials like these is that they are so delicate yet so incredibly strong – the ultimate oxymoron that translates beautifully on canvas. My epoxy resin and concrete mix is an intricate undertaking, with multiple processing stages like concrete and glass stone framing, resin pouring, gluing, and scratching. But the labor I pour in all contributes to the final outcome – which is an authentic portrayal of the intangible emotions of my spirit. 

And as an artist, I take my responsibility to share messages of inspiration very, very seriously. My hope is that, through art, I can awaken emotions in the people who view my work – be it ecstasy, elegance, retrospect, or pensiveness. Art changes lives, and sometimes, can even save lives, by inspiring people to slow down, breathe, and truly absorb the raw beauty of life.

Group And Solo Exhibitions - 

2020 Most Promising Contemporary Artist - New York, United States

2019 Lilac Festival Rochester, NY

2019 Top national Artist from India, Indian Art commitiee - Nominated- Delhi, India

2019 Small Works Show, 440 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2019 SAMSUNG FEATURED ARTIST - Nominated, Saatchi Art- New York, United States

2018 Participated in [SOLO] Art Expo New York

2018  Satellite Art Show, Brooklyn, NY

2017 Participated in [SOLO] Art Expo New York

2017 World Art Dubai, World Trade Centre, Dubai (UAE) 

2017 Artscape/Baltimore's Festival of the Arts, July 18 

2017 [ SOLO ] Exhibition ArtExpo New York 

2017 Exhibited in Westside Art fair YMCA, Rochester,NY 

2016 Exhibited in 6*6 #roco6x6 Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo)

2016Community Arts/Crafts/Makers Show exhibition,Rochester,NY. 

2016 Exhibited in Winter Park Autumn Art Festival, Orlando,FL 

2015 Exhibited in 6*6 #roco6x6 Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo) 

2015 Exhibited in M&T Bank Clothesline Festival 

2014 participated in Orlando Art exhibition. 

2014 Participated in New york Art exhibition

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